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Capacity Building & Training


It is the process of preparing a person to effectively carry out their responsibilities, providing them with knowledge and tools that allow them to develop skills, overcome challenges and achieve the proposed objectives efficiently and effectively, stimulating autonomy and self-confidence.

Why is it so important?

It is essential that sponsors, technicians and volunteers are properly informed and prepared to welcome refugees and support their integration. When we work and support this vulnerable population, there are fundamental aspects that we need to know and practice. It is essential to work on concepts, theories, methods and practices that promote and develop skills that allow successful support. It is equally powerful to understand the human cost of war, violence and authoritarian regimes through personal testimonies and stories, listening to the voice and understanding the situations of disruption, loss and trauma associated with those forced to flee to survive.

What we do?

Training actions are developed to train sponsor groups, professionals and communities to better welcome and include refugees in their localities. We develop courses in b-learning format through our online platform and synchronous sessions. We also hold face-to-face sessions, especially for technicians and those who deal directly with this vulnerable population. All formats address several essential topics for citizens and technicians to be able to support refugees to rebuild their lives in Portugal.

All of our actions are free, taking place throughout the national territory.

Training Course for Sponsors

Sponsor groups and volunteers are trained through the Training Course for Community Sponsorship (CPCR) in b-learning format, which is free and certified. The training consists of 6 online modules and 1 face-to-face, preparing sponsors and the community to welcome and support a refugee family, addressing issues such as trauma, intercultural communication, safeguarding, harmony and the well-being of the group and the establishment of a hosting plan. The face-to-face session takes trainees through the journey that many refugees are forced to take from feeling that their life is in danger, through the entire journey of flight and through the difficulties of adapting and integrating in a strange new country. Through the presentation of current and reliable information and the development of activities and exercises, intercultural tools and skills are provided and real cases and testimonies are explored, reflecting the importance and need to protect and include refugees in a holistic way.


The 27-hour e-course is in an online format with asynchronous sessions, a synchronous session and a mandatory face-to-face session, consisting of 6 modules:

M1: The Community Sponsorship of Refugees

M2: Intercultural Communication and Portuguese as a Foreign Language

M3: Understanding Trauma and its Effects

M4: Safeguarding the Most Vulnerable

M5: Harmony and Well-Being of the Sponsoring Group

M6: Welcoming, Supporting and Including / Closing

In person module: The reality of refugees - contexts and paths



General objective: Training for the structuring of reception strategies and a local community sponsorship program for refugees.



Specific objectives:

- Raising awareness of the experiences and challenges inherent to refugees and starting a new life in Portugal.

- Support the development of skills, knowledge and tools for the inclusion of refugees.

- Training to respond ethically to the needs of refugees.

- Foster the development of (more) welcoming, tolerant and inclusive communities.






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Our methods

Theoretical Content



The course comprises 6 online modules that explore concepts and facts about key topics, including a face-to-face module on refugee reality and contexts.

All modules include activities and exercises to better understand the ideas presented, including participatory dynamics either online or in person

Synchronous online sessions are held for those who are unable to attend face-to-face sessions and when it is necessary to develop a topic in more detail.

The platform houses tools such as classes and their transcripts, a forum for socializing and sharing answers, doubts and opinions, as well as several resources.

Conheça o que fazemos na área da Capacitação
Conheça o que fazemos na área da Capacitação

What our trainees say

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the training course on Community Sponsorship of Refugees. This course provided me with a valuable opportunity to learn more about the situation of these people and ways we can help them overcome the challenges they face. It was an enriching experience that allowed me to expand my horizons and contribute to a more inclusive and supportive society. I am immensely grateful to everyone involved in organizing this course and I look forward to continuing to support this important cause."

António Resendes - Azores

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The CPCR was considered a good practice by the European Asylum Agency (EUAA)

ComViver Capacity-building sessions

ComViver sessions are specific to train those who work and welcome people in an emergency situation, especially in a family context, providing participants with the necessary tools to be able to welcome refugees in an effective, dignified and safe way. We explore core concepts, essential techniques, as well as case studies to practice concrete questions.

The training session is free and lasts 5 hours, and can be adapted to each organization/group. We travel to the locations for the face-to-face session.



  • Provide participants with knowledge and tools to be able to receive refugees in an effective, dignified and safe manner;

  • Raising awareness of the experiences and challenges inherent to refugees and starting a new life in Portugal;

  • Support the development of skills for the inclusion of refugees;

  • Train to respond ethically to the needs of refugees;

  • Foster the development of (more) welcoming, tolerant and inclusive communities.

"Allow us to express our thanks for the wise and intelligible way in which the training took place.

It is important to tell you that we really appreciate your way of communicating and transmitting knowledge, as we feel richer and safer with this training, for which we are very grateful and we are sure that the shared knowledge will serve to share with colleagues and for our whole life. A big thank you."

Davidson Gomes e Iryna Kryvushchenko - C.M. Cascais







This is what we do regarding Monitoring and Support
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