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One of our pillars is the strong connection with groups and communities that host refugees. In order to ensure that the sponsoring groups are able to provide effective support to families, maintaining harmony between the group and personal well-being, it is essential that we are present throughout the entire path they take, supporting and guiding, whenever necessary.

To this end, we hold periodic monitoring and guidance meetings, offer resources that help at each stage of the process and provide direct contact channels. In addition to the typical email channels and through our contact forms, sponsors, volunteers and anyone interested in getting involved in community sponsorship have a dedicated weekly space exclusively to speak directly with us. In this space you can speak openly with the Community team about your questions, emotions or concerns. We will listen carefully and provide our best support to overcome any challenges. Here, you can clarify doubts, share experiences, successes or fears, whether online or over the phone.

Talk to ComUnidade

Mondays from 12pm to 2pm
Tuesdays from 3pm to 5 pm

Online or by phone

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