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ComUnidade's capacity building program presented as a good practice at the EUAA meeting

The sixth meeting of the Community Sponsorship Group of the Agency of the European Union for Asylum (EUAA) took place in Dublin, on the 23rd and 24th of May to work on issues of mobilization and retention of sponsors, focusing on training and support for groups. The meeting brought together representatives of Member States, the EU, UNHCR, MIP and civil society organizations. Participants worked together and shared good practices and lessons learned in implementing community sponsorship programs in their countries.

Participants at the EUAA Community Sponsorship Group meeting.

It was in this context that the ComUnidade team was invited to present its training project - through Training Course for Community Sponsorship (CPCR) and sessions ComViver. The CPCR course is considered a good practice due to its methodology, scope and results. The first edition took place in May 2022, having had, so far, 4 editions. The CPCR is a certified course, in b-learning format with a duration of 27 hours, over 6 weekly modules and one face-to-face session. The course follows a methodology based on participatory methods, exposing facts and theories and encouraging the involvement of trainees through activities and games and their participation and sharing of experiences and doubts in the specific forum. The modules presents community sponsorship and all associated issues, addressing essential topics such as: intercultural communication; Portuguese language; trauma and its effects; safeguarding the most vulnerable; harmony and well-being of the sponsoring group. The face-to-face session is the culmination of all the work carried out, giving space to the voice and vision of refugees through a participatory session that explores the causes, processes and challenges of forced displacement, through 5 testimonies. Having had an extremely positive evaluation, the course certified 123 trainees, with 100% of these expressing a willingness to participate in some way in community sponsorship initiatives.

The 5th edition of CPCR will be in September, with limited places, so be aware of our networks and disclosures!

CPCR 4 face-to-face session in Porto.

The ComViver sessions are aimed at technicians and those who welcome people in an emergency situation in a familiar environment, specifically from Ukraine and Afghanistan. All sessions are adapted to the context, lasting approximately 5 hours. More than 45 people have already participated in the face-to-face sessions, mostly technicians from organizations and local authorities in more than 5 municipalities.

Sign up for ComViver' sessions to learn about the essential issues regarding the reception of refugees, safeguarding and guiding those who host them so that they can provide an efficient support that guarantees the safety and well-being of all the people involved. Tell us where you want the session to take place, as well as your availability and/or questions you would like to address and we will contact you to define details.

ComViver session at the University of Aveiro.

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