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Organizations collaborate to build the 1st community sponsorship strategy in Portugal

On the 21st of June, more than a dozen organizations, which work in the reception and integration of refugees, came together to jointly develop the first community sponsorship strategy in Portugal.

This was the "2nd Gathering of Civil Society Organizations for Community Sponsorship in Portugal" which brought together technicians and professionals who work with the refugee population. These meetings have a participatory nature, involving civil society from the beginning, in the construction and development of the community sponsorship program.

These meetings are fundamental for the definition of strategies, allowing the sharing of experiences and essential good practices for working with refugees. Peer networks are created, allowing closer support and monitoring, establishing a community of practice.

These meetings take place every six months, including "express sessions", designed to deepen specific themes. The next gathering is scheduled to take place in November, so stay tuned for our events.

As in the 1st Gathering, all contributions and results will be integrated into the strategic reflection on the way forward, such as recommendations for the design and implementation of the community sponsorship program, to be delivered to the competent authorities.

2ºEncontro OSC para o PCR
2nd Gathering of CSO for Community Sponsorship in Portugal, in Lisbon

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