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Over 108 million people forced to flee their homes worldwide

On this World Refugee Day we got to know the numbers relating to international protection in the world in 2022. Another historic record of 108.4 million people forced to flee their homes to save their lives was reached, including more than 35.3 million refugees.

The war in Ukraine last year led to the fastest phenomenon of forced displacement in history. Additionally, the intensification of conflicts, violence and insecurity in other parts of the world, led to yet another historic record, registering the highest annual increase ever! The number of people fleeing persecution, conflict, violence and human rights violations will continue to rise, with an estimated 110 million at the moment.

The prolonging of long-lasting conflicts and the emergence and intensification of others, led to the fact that, in 2022, more than 87% of the world's refugees would come from just 10 countries. About 1 in 5 refugees are Syrians, with Syria having 6.5 million refugees, followed by Ukraine and Afghanistan both with 5.7 million refugees. Other countries are Venezuela with 5.4 million, South Sudan with 2.3 million, Myanmar with 1.2 million or the Democratic Republic of Congo with 931 thousand refugees, among many others.

The majority of refugees continue to be hosted in low-income countries of the global south, with the majority to remain in neighboring countries. with Turkey topping the list of countries hosting the most refugees with 3.6 million. Followed by Iran with 3.4 million and Colombia with 2.5 million. Germany is the only high-income country in the top, having increased the number of refugees it took in last year to 2.1 million. Pakistan remains one of the countries that has historically hosted refugees, with 1.7 million.

People who have been forcibly displaced but remain within the borders of their home country make up 62.5 million people. There are still about 5.4 million people who are at risk.

Ukrainian refugees await assistance. Atlantic Council.

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