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Community sponsorship is an opportunity for ordinary citizens to take direct action in helping refugees, making a deeper difference than donations or even volunteering!

ComUnidade is an initiative developed by CPR to promote, develop and support refugee community sponsorship programs in Portugal. As a member of ComUnidade, you can integrate national and international peer networks, where you can learn about good practices in the field of community sponsorship, share experiences and clarify doubts with communities and organizations with extensive experience in the integration of refugees. You will also have access to exclusive ComUnidade resources and events. To be a member just sign up!

Sign up for ComUnidade and be part of this global movement that is the future of refugee reception and integration!  




There are many other ways to support refugees in your area!

First, you can:

  • Make a donation.   Even a small donation can make a difference in supporting refugee inclusion and creating more welcoming and inclusive communities. Make your donation here.

  • Keep up with the latest news.   Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news on international protection and refugees, as well as experiences and stories from sponsoring groups, organizations and sponsored refugees. 

  • Participate in our sessions . Participate in our information, awareness and training sessions or in our national events. Find out about upcoming sessions and events and sign up!

  • Disseminate and raise awareness . Raise awareness in your local community and social networks for the integration of refugees and promote community sponsorship to your family, friends and colleagues through our Mobiliza! Kit.  You can consult tips for dissemination and sharing on social networks through our guide.

  • Be our partner . Raise awareness of your organization, company and colleagues to be a partner of our network of United Organizations to Accommodate and Integrate Refugees . Apply here

Then you can:

  • Create a sponsoring group to support a refugee family in your area. Fill out the form to be a sponsor and we will get in touch with you.

  • Volunteer. Whether teaching Portuguese, caring for children, translating or providing psychological support, there are many tasks and roles you can play to support refugee inclusion in your locality. Contact your local Volunteer Bank or write to us so we can find an opportunity to make a difference! 

  • Provide accommodation. If you have available housing, you can accommodate a family, allowing them to rebuild their lives safely in Portugal, contact us

Contact us or sign up for our information sessions to learn more about community sponsorship of refugees and how you can support refugees in your area.

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Want to be a sponsor?

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