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Thank you for your interest in supporting a refugee family in your area through community sponsorship!

Let's start?


Do not forget that in order to sponsor refugees you must:

  • Gather at least 5 people interested in sponsoring refugees in the same location

  • Partner with a local organization

  • Complete the training process

  • Design a Welcome Plan 

  • Ensure support, accommodation and all necessary goods

  • Not present any risk to the family and its members, respecting their rights, duties and privacy

But for now, just fill out a form and then we'll get in touch to inform you about the next steps to follow. And remember: the ComUnidade is present throughout the whole process, providing all the necessary support and guidance! 

Any questions do not hesitate to contact us at:

Start now!
Choose the option below that applies.

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I already have a group formed

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I don't have a group yet

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