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The main objective of developing complementary pathways, especially community sponsorship, is to guarantee the protection of refugees and their families, facilitating integration solutions. These programs have the potential to increase opportunities and prospects for all those in need of international protection, allowing them to live safe and secure. 

In addition to numbers and impacts, community sponsorship can develop and introduce new methodologies and partnerships to the reception and integration process. It can also provide long-term sustainable approaches that do not need to be continually developed for each crisis that emerges.

Community sponsorship has many positive impacts for both refugees and local communities, transforming the lives of all involved. There are many benefits associated with community sponsorship, such as:

  • Strengthen the international protection and asylum system as a whole, increasing opportunities for regular and safe admissions. Through lasting solutions, it is a means of relieving pressure on countries at the forefront of reception and asylum.

  • A more holistic and sustainable integration, allowing effective local inclusion with increased possibilities for accommodation, employment and learning Portuguese, because refugees are able to take better advantage of the opportunities offered to them, thanks to the proximity and efforts of the host community which, in most cases, becomes something more than just neighbors.

  • Better integration of non-national communities, automatically leading to better social cohesion, promoting positive interactions among the population.

  • The increased sharing of responsibilities between local communities and reception entities established at national level, allowing citizens and local communities to be an active part of the reception of refugees, being able to better control the processes of local integration, developing, at the same time, infrastructure and integration services that benefits the entire community.

  • Competences development, through capacity building and joint work, leading to the empowerment of local communities, strengthening relationships and links between all those involved. 

  • Maximize the will, capacity, commitment and networks of citizens and organizations that want to help

  • Raising awareness leading to an increase in positive perceptions and combating negative narratives based on xenophobic and anti-immigration sentiments.

  • Capitalize the positive impacts of migration, such as in terms of labor shortages, aging population, desertification and diversity, among others.

  • More united, welcoming, inclusive and resilient communities.

  • Make a deeper difference than donations or even volunteering!



The shared responsibility and international solidarity associated with community sponsorship allow it to be a solid and lasting solution to the global humanitarian refugee crisis.


The involvement and support of the host community allows a more holistic and sustainable integration of newly arrived families, achieving better results and long-term effects.


Community sponsorship unites and  empowers local communities, developing skills through capacity building and joint work, enabling improved services and infrastructure that benefits the entire population.


The relationships created raise awareness towards refugees and the challenges they face, combating negative narratives and creating more united, resilient, welcoming and inclusive communities.

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