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Community sponsorship gives communities the opportunity to resettle a refugee family and help them rebuild their lives in Portugal. Being a sponsor is a big responsibility that requires a high level of commitment but can have great benefits.


As sponsors, individuals and organizations will welcome families who have fled conflict or persecution and who want to be safe and rebuild their lives. Sponsors have to help and support the people who arrive, with everything necessary for an effective integration in the community. This support is emotional, social and financial and tends to last from 1 to 2 years or until the family is autonomous and self-sufficient .

The main responsibilities of the sponsoring groups are:


• Provide adequate housing for at least 2 years and essential goods
• Support the family's financial management and cover additional costs thanks to fundraising campaigns
• Assist in learning Portuguese through formal classes and informal conversations, as well as introducing Portuguese and local culture
• Presentation of the community, essential services and transport
• Assist in the registration and access to social and health services, namely dentist and psychological support
• Support job search and/or internships and training
• Assist in the inclusion of children in school
• Reduce isolation with group and leisure activities
• Help the community and services adapt to newcomers

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