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Join the national network of organizations that share the commitment to increase the potential and implementation of community sponsorship in Portugal. Be part of the ComUnidade network and join associations, NGOs, companies, public and international entities, as well as many others, in the effort to promote this lasting solution to Portuguese society. 

The network partners undertake to disseminate the practices of community sponsorship of refugees within their structures and networks of contacts, with the aim of promoting and encouraging the formation of community sponsorship groups for refugees. You can also support with expertise or services in your sector or through training or employment opportunities for refugees. You can also support through funding or volunteering within the scope of social responsibility. 

We need all your support to be able to effectively and sustainably implement community sponsorship of refugees in Portugal!

Disclose and Promote 
Community Sponsorship
Support with knowledge or services
Offer employment or training opportunities


Some Partner Organizations
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