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Global experts gather in Madrid to work on Community Sponsorship and ComUnidade was there

In early December, the ComUnidade team headed to Madrid to participate in The 2022 Global Gathering for Sponsorship. It was three extremely productive days that brought together key players in community sponsorship at a global level, including representations of around 60 entities from almost 20 countries. The Global Gathering made it possible to learn about incredible initiatives from around the world and celebrate the tireless work and achievements of all organizations involved in community sponsorship. Through presentations, debates and workshops, it was possible to learn about challenges, opportunities and ways to go. The Event made it possible to strengthen links between the various actors thanks to the sharing of experiences and mutual learning and support. This is the first Global Gathering since 2019, having been the one with the most participants and entities and the greatest diversity. It was a true privilege for ComUnidade's team to have had the opportunity to learn from such experienced experts and organisations, get to know more initiatives and new perspectives on PCR and explore creative solutions for the future of this global movement. ComUnidade will continue its commitment to working on the construction and development of these initiatives in Portugal, having a guaranteed place for the next Global Meeting as representatives of the most recent sponsorship program in the World!

The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI) diretor - Colm O'Gorman - opens the event.

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