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Historical record of 103 million people forcibly displaced

The latest UNHCR statistics reveal an unsettling picture, with yet another historic global record of 103 million people forced to flee their homes. Refugees are part of this population, whose number also reached a critical historical record of 32.5 million people, 41% of whom are children. Also 4.9 million people are waiting for a response to their request for international protection.

Gráfico População Forçadamente Deslocada 2022

Most refugees continue to be hosted in low-income countries in the global south, with

Turkey topping the list of countries that host the most refugees with 3.7 million. Colombia remains in second place with 2.5 million refugees hosted and Pakistan and Uganda both with 1.5 million refugees hosted. Germany is the only high-income country in this top, having increased the number of refugees it took in last year to 2.2 million.

About 72% of the entire refugee population in the world comes from just five countries. Syria remains the country with the largest number of people, with 6.8 million refugees.

followed by Venezuela with 5.6 million. Ukraine appears for the first time in this sad top with 5.4 million refugees. Afghanistan and South Sudan follow with 2.8 million and 2.4 million refugees respectively.

The people who have been forcibly displaced but who remain within the borders of their country of origin number 53.2 million people. There are still about 5.3 million people who are at risk.

41% of refugees worldwide are children. Girl on her father's shoulders trying to cross the border between Venezuela and Colombia.

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