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Peer Networks

Peer networks are organic structures where people with similar experiences meet on an equal footing to support each other. This support is reciprocal and precious as it is based on experience-based knowledge, allowing everyone involved to identify with the sharing as they find themselves or have found themselves in similar situations.

Why is it so important?

For efficient reception and holistic inclusion of refugees, it is important that the whole of society is involved. ComUnidade drives society's commitment to community sponsorship through networks of peers and partners committed to supporting these initiatives in the community.

Sponsors, despite all the training, support and guidance provided by the Community, continue to be people who voluntarily dedicate their time to support a refugee family. In addition to theory, there are emotional elements, such as fear, frustration or realization, which can only be fully understood and recognized by someone who has already gone through it. Peer networks provide spaces for learning, sharing and support, bringing sponsors together with other sponsors. Collaboration is essential for the success of community sponsorship, which is why we create opportunities for sponsors and volunteers to share experiences, ask questions and learn about other realities and solutions with those who have already gone through the same thing.

The active involvement of entities and organizations is essential for the development of community sponsorship programs. Again, sponsors are not alone. They can receive support from specialized actors in several critical areas, through our ComUnidad Partners Network. In addition to the support of entities such as the High Commissioner for Migration (ACM), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), other partners can assist the sponsoring group in more specific issues. such as learning the Portuguese language, thanks to the collaboration of Speak Social, raising funds with PPL or supporting employment with Teleperformance.


1st CSO Gathering focused on the joint construction of the Community Sponsorship Program in Portugal. 

What we do?

We promote the creation of networks through the development of participatory meetings, meetings and conferences that bring together key actors in the field of community sponsorship, as well as interested parties.

The ComUnidade Network is made up of people and entities that support refugees through community initiatives. The Network integrates sponsors and international and national entities, allowing the sharing of experiences and good practices and enabling mutual support for a common well-being.

The Partner Network is made up of entities that share a commitment to increasing the potential and implementation of community sponsorship in Portugal.

ComUnidade provides personalized support to each member, offering specific meeting and networking spaces.

The Meetings of Civil Society Organizations for Community Sponsorship are held every six months, bringing together technicians and professionals to jointly discuss and build the community sponsorship strategy in Portugal. The Meetings bring together those who know the most about the reception and integration of refugees in Portugal, having a strong participatory base. Each Meeting works on a specific theme, with all the conclusions, suggestions and ideas gathered in each Meeting published in a guide.

The Conferences are extended to the general public, allowing them to learn about community sponsorship and its developments, as well as challenges and solutions. Conferences include international actors such as organisations, sponsors and sponsored refugees to share their experiences.







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