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Effective participation was the topic of debate and joint work at the 5th CSOs Meeting

The 5th Meeting of Civil Society Organizations for Community Sponsorship took place on the morning of November 21st, at the Palácio Galveias Library, in Lisbon, bringing together more than 15 participants from key entities in community sponsorship and refugee reception.

Once again, organizations working for refugee inclusion, refugee associations and people with lived experience came together to debate refugee participation. They then created joint solutions, through participatory dynamics, for the challenges of effective refugee participation in the development and implementation of the community sponsorship program, suggesting ideas and tools for the inclusion of everyone involved.

ComParte presentation on active participation of migrants.

Similar to the previous meeting, we invited our friends at ComParte who are experts in participation, to present their work and some recommendations for including refugees in a meaningful way in the development and implementation of CS programs. In this context, they presented the most recent Toolkit for the Active Participation of Migrant People, containing examples of practices and resources to apply for a greater and more efficient participation.

As usual, the ideas and observations resulting from joint work will be published in a guide dedicated to the topic of participation, which will be available in our resources.

Participants of the 5th Meeting of Civil Society Organizations for Community Sponsorship.

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