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An ongoing process in which you see where you are and get frequent feedback on performance, program progress and results. It involves monitoring actions, defining strategies to achieve goals and/or overcome challenges encountered.

Why is it so important?

Sponsor groups and volunteers have a lot of work to do to support the inclusion of a refugee family. Even if they receive specific training before the family arrives, it is more likely that they will need all the help and support when they get down to business. ComUnidade provides all the support they need in the most diverse responsibilities such as: establishing a sponsor group; do fundraising; develop a welcome plan, establish contacts and partnerships with local organizations and responsible entities; preparing everything for the family's arrival, helping to establish them in the community and providing support with the various day-to-day tasks; etc. It may seem like a lot of work but you will never be alone! Community sponsorship is only possible if it is done together and in the community, with everyone's support.

In addition to much-needed support and guidance, monitoring is essential to track program progress, gathering evidence of successes, challenges and outcomes. By identifying the challenges and difficulties, it becomes easier to create strategies to overcome them and to be able to prevent them in future situations. Programs gain greater accountability and credence in the eyes of sponsors, refugees, the population and policy makers.

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Meeting with sponsor group for contract signing. 

What we do?

ComUnidade supports sponsoring groups throughout the process and throughout the sponsorship period or until necessary. In addition to training, we provide materials and resources to support the sponsoring group and the community in hosting a refugee family. The support and guidance guides provide the information and tools necessary for the group to be able to support the family, ensuring the protection and well-being of all the people involved.

The group and the family are accompanied through sessions, designed to monitor the situation and the work carried out and to guarantee the necessary guidance. Our priority is people and our goal is to ensure that the family is able to rebuild their lives and achieve their autonomy, while the sponsoring group and the community are able to support their inclusion and develop personal and intercultural skills and create bonds deep within their communities.


Sponsored family watches a football game of the local team with sponsors.




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This is what we do regarding Peer and Partner Networks
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